Son Catchers

The Son Catchers group formed in September, 1995, for the purpose of giving women of the congregation who work outside of the home an opportunity to participate in an evening Bible class.  Son Catchers meet the third Tuesday of the month at a home of a member or at church for devotion and fellowship.  The groups purpose is very mission oriented and can include anyone from the neighbor in our local community to someone we’ll never meet or even see clear across the world.  Fund-raising comes from all kinds of sources like garages sales to a potato bakes. 

The fruits of our labors fund many worthwhile projects such as: a well in Africa, ,  donating to missionaries, donations for families in need, remembering congregation members who have lost a spouse during the year, we help with items needed by members or community who might be suffering from illness or a medical hardship. We have collected shoes, mittens, gloves and hats for the kids at the Lincoln City Mission. 

The women of the Son Catchers come together to nurture each other and the world around us.